6 and a Half Ways to Do MLM Prospecting

To grow an MLM business, you need to be able to grow your business. This is more than a play on words. In this article, we will look at ways to do MLM prospecting that will help your business grow to levels you probably haven’t achieved before.

Let’s face it; the most successful people in MLM are those that are able to grow their organizations through aggressive recruitment. The beauty of this business model is that it allows you to build a successful business without incurring the costs and risks associated with starting up a business of your own.

Though there is a cost element to MLM, it is usually negligible when you look at the bigger picture, The most expensive MLM companies that I have come across cost a couple of thousands of dollars to join while I have seen others as low as $12.

How exactly do you grow an MLM business successfully? Let’s get into that now, shall we?

  1. Target the Right Caliber of Prospects

The first tip I am going to offer is that you choose the right caliber of people to present the opportunity to. I will be honest and say that I have experienced that the people who do the best in MLM are those that possess particular traits that are a key factor to success.

Just like in marketing every other product or service, the best success is going to be experienced from getting the right customer. It’s relatively easier to just market to a broad market than being specific but the results in the short to mid-term are worlds apart.

If you want to build a successful MLM organization, a large proportion of the people you recruit have to be able to recruit as well and duplicate your efforts. We will talk about selective marketing later on in the article.

Here are a few qualities that your prospects need to possess in order to have a higher probability of success:

Good Attitude

They must have a great attitude. This means they must generally be likable. Likable people engage with and attract with other people easily. This is a key requirement when it comes to marketing an MLM opportunity.

Good attitude also helps them weather the storms that come with building any sort of business. An enthusiastic person will be able to work themselves out of any difficult situation without the need of outside intervention.


They have to be a people person. We talk about introverts and extroverts all the time and classify people as being either one or the other. The truth of the matter though, is that we are all fluid. We move from one to the other at different points or in specific situations.

However, people tend to lean more towards one or the other hence the classification. Our prospects need to be people that others feel comfortable around and enjoy their company.


Friendly people make friends and will easily make friends with their friends’ friends. This is a key trait that many successful network marketers produce.

  1. Listen and Ask Strategic Questions

This one should be as clear cut and straight forward. What I mean here is that we need to cultivate the ability t o be good listeners. Think about it; who among your friends or associates do you enjoy being around more? The ones who are constantly talking or the ones who listen more?

Listening is a key skill that we all need in our arsenal. When we listen to people, they feel that they are understood and will be keener to hear out our recommendations and advice.

The next thing is to make sure that we ask intelligent and leading questions. There are basically three levels of questions. These are what, how and why.

Most people operate at the what level. They ask questions like what happened, what do you do etc.. These are general, surface level questions that rarely ever induce deep thought or emotion.

The next level is the how question. This question inspires a bit more thought. For example, I can say, “what happened?” which is a level one question or I could ask “how did it happen?”  The response to the first question would be “an accident”.

To the second question, you answer could be that a Honda Fit was hit on the side by a Ford Ranger. You see the difference in information and depth that the two questions have?

The third level of question is the Why did it happen? This is the money question that will provide more insight into the matter and engages both thought and emotion.

An answer to this question could be that the Honda Fit driver had just received a call that his mother had passed on and was in such a confused state that he ended up passing a red light at an intersection which resulted in the Ford Ranger hitting his car on the side.

I hope you see how asking the right questions help you better understand your prospect and better build a bond that allows you to present to them whatever opportunity is that you have to offer.

The Why is the biggest factor to your business’ growth as well as to winning over your prospect. Why you do something will determine whether or not you succeed in the long therm. That is why it is important for you to get this information early on so that you are better prepared to help your prospect succeed in the business.

  1. Network More

It is, after all, known as Network Marketing. A key skill to have in this business is to be a good networker. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned. Admittedly, it comes more natural to some than most.

Networking is made relatively easier because of Social Media. If you work it well enough, you could easily build a big network and also reach people who you may have not been able to reach out to in other ways.

Visit and host events where your ideal prospects would frequent and build connections there. It helps to have something on you that’s conversation starter.  It could be a bold T-shirt or sticker that says “Wanna lose weight? Ask me how” like what the people in Herbalife do.

Another great way is to brand your social media accounts so that it clearly shows that you are part of an opportunity. The top earners in most companies employ this as part of their growth strategy.

  1. Train Your Existing Prospects to Replicate

If you already have one or two people recruited to your team, a great way to prospect more and build your team is to teach them to recruit as well. This is a key aspect of MLM especially if you want to build an organization that is big.

The effort has to be made by everyone in the group. Training them and then helping them do the same for their prospects is a sure fire way of ensuring growth.

  1. Provide Value at All Times – Education Based Marketing

This works well when you are part of an online community. Post content that is engaging and helps build bonds with other members in that community. The idea here is to build your reputation as someone who offers helpful information without necessarily having to sell people on anything.

You want to have people naturally reach out to you with the intention of starting a friendship with you as they see you as a person that can add value to their life. When you have your social media branded as well, you will end up having a conversation about the business opportunity you are a part of somewhere down the line.

This kind of marketing is called Education Based Marketing or, in a broader form, inbound/attraction marketing. Instead of going out to people, you want them to come to you instead. Providing free value is a great way of achieving this objective.

  1. Give Away Free Products for Signing Up

When you promote your MLM offer, set yourself apart from others who are promoting the same opportunity. A great way to do this is to offer a free product or service. This does two things. It helps those that are close to joining get over the line.

The second thing is that it attracts potentially cold prospects to you because they get much more out of the deal.

One of the methods that I use is to offer a free bundle of software, e-books and videos that I would have bought or downloaded free from a PLR site. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. These are products that give you a license to re-sell or give away their products.

6 ½. Get Mentorship

This would naturally be the first tip even though it’s the final step in this article. Mentorship is key to success in just about every area of your life. It literally cut years off your progress. This is also true in MLM.

Your Up-line is usually the best person to take on this task in an ideal world. Unfortunately, as you may well be aware, we do not live in an ideal world and you may not receive the necessary guidance from them.

In this case, you will need to actively look for someone who has or is doing well in that company and learn from them. They will do the hand holding and help you through the necessary steps in order to help you grow.

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