Cash FX Review

In this article, we are going to do a review of Cash FX or CFX depending on how you heard of it. Is this a legit company or is it another fly by night scam which is here today and gone tomorrow leaving with people’s hard earned cash?

If that is your fear, you are not alone. I have personally witnessed firsthand, a lot of these scam companies which have fleeced many people of their money using promises of high returns and easy money. It’s natural that people would be wary of similar looking companies of which Cash FX is one.

So, what exactly is Cash FX? It is a company that specializes in foreign currency trading by offering 2 main products. The first set is a group of investment contracts where you earn daily and get paid every Saturday. This portion of the company also has an MLM referral system where you can earn off the efforts of others. The second product is Forex trading education where you learn forex trading from beginner to advanced levels.

Is cash FX legit?

The big question you probably have is whether or not this company is legit. I’m sure in your attempt to get an answer , you saw the many negative reviews online but being the intelligent human being you are, you understood that the internet is also filled with people who make claims they are not qualified for, which landed you here.

I will not insult your intelligence by making any immediate claims but I will give you some factual information that will hopefully allow you to make an informed, independent decision.

One of the first places I always look when I want to ascertain the validity of any internet based money making initiative is go to the Trust Pilot website. That’s what I did in this case as well. Trust pilot is a platform that allows for independent reviews from different people.

Here is what I found. Out of a group of 597 people to review Cash FX, a combined 91% of the people rated it great or excellent. There were a lot of glowing reviews from people who have actually used it. There were others who gave the program a 1 star but after reading the negative reviews, the majority of them were from people who actually never used Cash FX and were just voicing their suspicions.

A small portion of them actually claimed to have been scammed of their money but there is a possibility that they may have fallen victim to clone sites.

Another thing that gives me confidence about the company is that the owners are US based and share their pictures on their promotional material. They live and work in the US and their families live there as well.

This goes some ways in proving how genuine they are when it comes to providing a real product that inspires confidence.

A lot of similar companies that have fleeced people were based in countries which had very weak financial regulations which is why they were able to get away with stealing people’s money.

Cash FX has partnered with Conversion Pros which a multimillion dollar US based company which provides software solutions for MLM and other companies which further solidifies the genuineness of Cash FX. Conversion Pros wouldn’t put their reputation at risk by partnering with a company they didn’t believe in.

Is cash forex a pyramid scheme?

Your next question may be whether or not Cash Forex is a pyramid scheme. What exactly constitutes a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme? The simple answer to this is a company that moves money around without having an actual product.

Though Cash FX sells investment contracts, it also offers education in the Forex space. This means that they have an actual product that they are serving to their customers. What this means is that it will not collapse on itself like what happens with pyramid schemes but is able to sustain growth following normal channels of commerce.

Most of the schemes that have come and gone throughout the years have only offered trading or money making packages where they promised a return on investment without actually offering a tangible product.

What this meant was that they were simply using the money that people joining at the bottom brought into the company to pay the people higher up. Eventually, the system collapses because there will eventually not be enough people coming in at the bottom to sustain the pyramid.

In a business with a product though, things balance themselves out following normal channels of commerce where there is profit and loss.

How do I join Cash FX?

For all the negative reviews of Cash FX on the internet, you will find many more positive ones from people who are actually part of Cash FX and are earning an income. You can choose to join and take advantage of the training while earning your weekly returns which is fine for most people.

Alternatively, you can make more money by taking advantage of the MLM program which pays you on the people you recruit into the program. Most people initially get in only interested in the contracts but end up taking advantage of the MLM option as well after seeing jut how quickly they start earning money.

You literally start seeing the money come in within 72 hours from joining. This inspires people to recruit because promoting it is a no brainer. If you want to be a part of Cash FX, click on this link.


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