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In this article, we will look closely at how much money can be made when you are part of Mufhiwa. In the other review, I explained what it is and how it works. 

Stage one

On stage one, there are six slots available. You will be receiving R50 (rand) for each slot. This means R50 (rand) for six slots.

Stage two, stage two has 14 slots. You will be receiving R150 rands for each slot. That’s R150x14.

Stage three, stage three as an additional 14 slots, you will be receiving R170 rands for each slot.

Stage four has an additional 14 slots. You will be receiving R1000 rand for each slot filled.

Stage five has an additional 14 slots, you will be receiving five thousand rands for each slot filled. As you surpass each stage, you will be receiving cashback. The cashback for stage one will be R300 rands. Remember, the two hundred rands will be held back by the company as your initial investment stage 2 you will be receiving cashback of 2100. Stage three, you will be receiving cashback of 2380 stage four you will be receiving cashback of R14000 rand.

And finally, Stage five, you will be receiving cashback of seventy thousand rands.

How to withdraw money from Mufhiwa

The following is an explanation of the withdrawal process and all of the fees associated with it. Payday is every Friday. So in order to get paid on Friday, you need to make a withdrawal request. Between Monday and Wednesday, your initial 200 rands is kept as the first withdrawal on your first payment. This is a once-off week for every withdrawal. After that, you will pay a five percent fee. This will be taken from your wallet. Remember that the first two hundred rands is your initial investment into a mature building and projects. And so this is kept by the company on the first withdrawal. The total amount you will receive or surpassing all five stages will amount to around seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand four hundred and twenty rands. This amount will be used to pay off any loan or bond for buying a house, can be used for renovating any property, or can be used to supply you with the needed capital in order to build your dream home.

An atmosphere where building and projects the company is on your side again. The company’s main aim is to help you, to build, to help you, to buy, to get you that home that you’ve been dreaming of. So if you have a bond or a loan and that you took out to extend or renovate your property and can prove that this has been done simply to renovate and to build your property and you have the slips and invoices associated, the company will pay for you.

The main aim of this building and projects is to assist you with your building, assist you with getting a house, assist you with your building projects.

Ways Mufhiwa can help you build your home

Now,  ways in which the company helps you to do this. The first way is by paying off your existing bond. If you have a sufficient amount of money received from your initial investment, you can use that money to pay off your bond. Quick and easy. The company can assist you with this by paying directly into that account.

The second way the company can assist you is if you are in the market for a new home, they can again assist you by paying the money for the new home. Once you received a proper quotation and a proper referral, and then you can send that money directly into the county and the company can do that on your behalf.

The third way the company can assist you is with your home renovations or you need to do is provide the company with a quotation from whichever building company that you are using, send it directly to the company. The company will then again paid into their accounts and you will take care of the money matters for you. Again, the company can assist you with any rates or taxes associated with your building project or buying needs.

And lastly, the company again will assist you with anything regarding to the furniture, landscaping, housing, renovations, anything regarding that. You only need to resupply the company with the quotation and other associated documents and they will again pay that directly into the account that needs to be paid for.

And this will then take the burden of dealing with that for yourself away, making your experience of building or buying more pleasurable. They can assist you in paying off your loan or your bond from the bank, which you have taken with regards to your renovations or building projects, now, in order to do this, you need to provide the company with certain documentation. In the case of a loan or a bond, you would need to provide them with a contract or statement showing how much is outstanding, how much you’ve taken from the bank and other supporting documents like identification documents and such.

Getting quotations for building and projects

You provide this to the company and they will use that information and pay the money that you have received from your future building and projects directly into that bank account, help paying off that loan or that bond which you owe. Secondly, what you can do, how the company can help you. You just bring your quotation from whichever company you were using, whether it be bullet bricks, whatever it is. That’s who is supplying you with building materials for your building projects.

You just bring that quotation again to the company and they will provide the money and pay directly into those accounts so that you don’t have to have to deal with the hassle of dealing with them. That’s another way that the company can help you out, another way the company can help you out. If you get an offer to purchase a house, if you are buying or in the market, then the company can again help you in that regard. Again, you’ll need to provide documentation and you need to send it through to the email provided, plus your ID and proof of residence and such other documents as needed.

Working with Mufhiwa outside South Africa

Leaders outside of South Africa will also be nominated to do the same for their teams living in other countries. So that won’t be an issue if you are from a different country. Now, as I’m sure we know, that there are many incentives that go along with being a member of any future building and projects. Now, the way that one goes about receiving your incentives is you need to do some of the following just to get your information to the company so that they are aware that you are claiming your incentives.

The way you do this is you need to contact the company online. The way you do this is by logging into your Mvula back office, by going to them. Sure. BP dot com. Please be aware that when you are claiming any of the incentives, you must make sure that you have completed that specific stage. If you have not completed the stage completely, you will not qualify for the associated incentive. The way you make certain of this is by making sure that your six direct down lines appear on your level.

This means that those people that you have registered using your link must appear on that level in order for you to qualify for the associated incentive with regards to the grocery incentive, it takes between seven and 14 days to process that and for you to receive it. And with regards to the housing funds, it takes up to 30 days for that to be processed. So you will need to wait a while after you have sent through an application claiming this has been a presentation of me.

Mufhiwa Building & Projects microsoft powerpoint plan


There you have it I think by now you have an idea of how much money one can make from Mufhiwa. Did I miss anything? please leave a comment below.

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