Getting started in network marketing

Getting started in network marketing!

When I decided to give network marketing a go, I already had an idea of what it was that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to own a successful business. Going in, I compared traditional businesses to network marketing and what it was that I could take from my experience in this setup and bring it forward to my network marketing business. In my opinion, network marketing is very similar to traditional businesses, and I have been able to merge pre-existing knowledge and experience for me to excel and give myself into this new opportunity.

Network marketing is not a hobby!

Some people have the perception that network marketing is just a past time hobby here and there and an occasional pitch to family, friends and social media friends to buy your products or service and it ends there. If you knew the half of it…your jaw would drop! It is so much more than that if you have the necessary knowledge. Therefore, the success of your new business is going to depend considerably on how seriously you take it and how much work you are willing to put into it. This does not mean you have to give up all your free time and waking hours, but it does mean following a few practical and rational strategies.

Network marketing tips!

Deciding to get involved in network marketing is exciting, thrilling, it seems like this bright endless tunnel of opportunities ahead of you. When you take time and look, you will find that there is a lot of great advice available out there on how to start and succeed as a network marketer, but I believe these are the few tips that can really help take your network marketing business to the next level.

The zeal for network marketing!

There are a lot of network marketing companies out there, and chances are, at some point someone has approached you about joining one (or more) of them. I have seen so many people agree to join a company because they need the income and thinking that it will be their quick ticket meal or because they do not know how to politely refuse and say outright that they are not interested. Consequently, this leads to the business suffering and ultimately fail because there is no zeal, no enthusiasm, and no real emotional connection to the products or service.

You want to choose a niche that you are passionate and enthusiastic about. Whether you love makeup, holistic wellness, health care, or skincare there is something out there that will fit like a glove with you. Think about it, If you are in the industry or contemplating getting in, and you already have a product or service that you are crazy about you are probably already talking about it online and surrounding yourself with people who have the same fervor. Selling your products or service will be a natural next step, and you will be able to speak about what you sell with much more conviction, authority, confidence, and enthusiasm and your growth in business will reflect that.

Know your network marketing brand, thoroughly!

To exude confidence in selling your product or service well, you must know the product or service intimately. For example, how does it work, why does it work, what is the background on the service or product, who invented it and for who? Does the service or product have any alternative uses that you can sell to a different target market?

People buy things or buy into things because they are trying to solve some problem or the other in their lives. If you spend time really learning the service or product you sell and you are able to tell people how the service or product can help enhance their lives to make it better, then great things are about to come your way and your business!


To be successful in this business of network marketing, you absolutely must branch out beyond friends and family. Not to mention, you can easily put people off by trying to sell them the same thing over and over. This well will soon dry up and with more negativity than positivity. You have to tap into other techniques to expand your network. To be quite honest, it is easy to start out there and much easier to make new connections with strangers than anyone you know. Learn the beauty of social media marketing in this business and how it can work for you, study the best practices from those before you, and show up consistently and more enthusiasm like your life depends on it. It is your business, after all, treat it as such.

Next, build an avid target market that is ready to buy what you are selling. This is where network marketing and traditional marketing overlap. There is nothing in these strategies that you cannot use to be successful as a network marketer and you should try everything you can to see what works for you.

Priorities and Limits!

There is a great chance that you are working a full-time job or caring for your family full-time. Subsequently, which means you are running your network marketing business in the “in-between moments” like during nap-time, after the children go to bed, after giving your spouse much needed time and over the weekends. This can very quickly wear you off and it can feel like you have no time to yourself and end up questioning why you ever started with the absurd idea in the first place.

You absolutely need to set boundaries or you are going to get burned out before you ever discover your true potential. This is where goal setting and scheduling comes in, read more about time management for network marketers in my previous article. Depending on your schedule, you can work alternating weekends and set early morning or late evening during the week on your business. Sure, there will be exceptions, but you need to schedule in time where you are not in “business mode” so you can enjoy hobbies, self-care, and of course, your loved ones without your mind being elsewhere.

The end!

It is extremely important to begin your network marketing journey by starting your business on the right foot. To know exactly why you want to be part of this industry. If you want to achieve what many can only dream of and make an income to better your life and be financially comfortable, know your Why!

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