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In this article we are going to be talking about the Luxreal marketing plan and discuss what this company is all about. Network marketing is an industry that has been around for a very long time. Over the period in which it has existed, there have been many changes and positive developments in the field.

When asked about how he would work his way back up if he were to lose it all, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said that he would get into network marketing. Without a doubt, this industry has been responsible for creating many great fortunes over the years.

Despite this positive fact, the industry has also received a lot of bad press being labelled as a pyramid scheme. This is the description of people who don’t actually know the difference between a genuine network marketing company and a ponzi scheme.

We won’t get into that in this article but I have written about this topic in other articles on this blog. So, to the subject matter of this post:

What is Luxreal?

Luxreal is a fast  growing company created in Malaysia in 2018. They have managed to capture the market through their innovative product as well as an attractive compensation plan which pays out a lot more than other options on the market right now.

In fact, they pay out as much as 90% commission on the first earnings level meaning you can recoup your earnings within a very few steps.

One of the main ways of identifying a genuine network marketing company is to see if they have a real product that they are selling.  Luxreal’s product is called Rosecenta plus. This is a product that was developed over 43 years by a team of Japanese scientists.

It has a number of active ingredients and chief among them is the rose placenta which explains the name Rosecenta plus. This product offers a number of health benefits which include anti aging, protection against free radicals, cell regeneration and others. Rosecenta is a quite a popular product among those who have tried it out.

Why Luxreal?

Other than the great product, Rosecenta Plus, Luxreal also has a great compensation plan which many would say is the best in the industry. Let’s have a look at this plan and what exactly it offers.

Highest Bonus Payout on the Market Today

Luxreal gives you up to 90% Payout on 1st level . What this means s that when you join and recruit 2 people under you, you will be paid up to 90% of your initial investment. It won’t take you long to get to recoup your initial investment

100% Bonus Withdrawal

Unlike other network marketing companies that give you a portion of your bonus while withholding the rest, with Luxreal, you get 100% of your bonus. What’s in your wallet is what you get in your bank account.

Simple 2 Step Process to earning an income

To start earning money with Luxreal, all you have to do is complete 2 steps as follows:

  1. Join the Program
  2. Recruit Minimum of 2 People –Simply connect people to online and offline meetings

Once you join the program, you simply need to recruit 2 people and you are well on your way to earning passive income. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to convince anyone to join. All you simply do is refer people to either an online or physical meeting in your area. The presenters will do the work of convincing your prospects.

You Don’t Need to Sell any Products

Even though you can take advantage of the retail model and earn money from that, you really don’t have to. You can make some significant money simply from recruiting.

Membership Levels

There are three levels at which you can join the Luxreal network marketing program. These are Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Silver level  costs $68.75 to join. You get  1 box of Rosecenta Plus. The Silver package has a daily earnings cap of $62.30 per day.

The Gold level costs $137.50 to join. With this package, you get 2 boxes of Rosecenta Plus. This level pays $178 per day max

The highest  level is the Platinum and costs  $1,347.50 to join. With this package, you get 20 boxes of Rosecenta Plus. The Platinum has no daily earning cap meaning that you can earn as much as you want to earn.

Luxreal also has many other earning options which include bonuses and spill over income.



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