The benefits of joining Longrich


What if there was an alternative to working forty hours a week for over forty years? As this is the norm for most people. Would you be interested? What if you had the option to choose your working hours? What if you had the ability to choose who you wanted to work with, and where you wanted to work? What if you could decide how much you wanted to earn? If you are looking for all that; look no further, welcome to Longrich! This is where you decide all of the above.

Longrich is a business built around making residual income. There is no great company with great products like Longrich that have people believe in and are willing to plug into the simple systems of training offered by those who are already into the business and who cares about the success of their teams.


In Robert T. Kiyosaki´s “The business of the 21st century” ~ “When I was a kid, my parents taught me the same formula for success that you probably learned: Go to school, study hard, and get good grades so you can get a secure, high-paying job with benefits – and your job will take care of you.
But that’s Industrial-Age thinking, and we´re not in the Industrial Age anymore. Your job is not going to take care of you. The government will not take care of you. Nobody’s going to take care of you. It’s a new century, and the rules have changed.”
 In this age, this kind of thinking will not suffice.

The rise of the Internet was a game changer we have moved into the Information Age. Internet and social networks are taking over the business world and changing how we know the business. Today, everything is about building and owning networks. There has never been a better time in history to try Longrich.

Here are the most exciting advantages and benefits that building Longrich business offers you.


It is relatively less cost-wise which typically includes the cost of the product, product samples and training manuals. What other business can get you started with so little start-up cost and potential huge income? Compared to other traditional businesses that will need a lease and headache of maintenance, this is the way to go.


Imagine you had hundreds of thousands of vending machines in different countries that paid you every time someone bought something from the machine. Well, network marketing is no different. You can leverage yourself with having multitudes of people all over the world in your team that will generate massive income every time there is team growth. “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockefeller


Being with Longrich you will enjoy not being stuck in one location for several hours in a week. You have the flexibility of working wherever you want; with people all over the world. More often than not people get complaisant when working a 9 – 5 job. At times it lacks variety one is stuck in one location that limits the ability to explore and take advantage of other possibilities that the world we live in has to offer. Longrich will unlock those advantages and allows one to explore their ability to grow business-wise. It only takes an effort and a willingness to work hard.


With Longrich, if one is growing a team, naturally this brings about personal growth. As one will mentor, guide, train, educate, and lead their team on how the business work. The result is an increase of income, ranking up and more incentives to qualify for. The more you grow as a person the greater your income becomes. Longrich business opportunity is a huge champion of personal growth. Helping people to help others in realizing their potential in business skills.


The majority of people exchange hours for dollars (income); meaning one spends several hours working for money. Hence, if you are not working, it means you are not getting paid either! It is a vicious cycle of the rat race that has no end. Chances of someone getting wealthy at a traditional job are slim. More so when working for someone. Longrich allows you the opportunity to do something well, once, and get paid over-and-over again for the efforts put in; in providing an income stream that is passive. Grab the opportunity with both hands to supplement one’s linear income with the residual income one can earn from Longrich. There is nothing more exciting and appealing than making money while asleep!

Once you reach a certain point then earnings come in weekly. Therefore, no need to wait an entire month to receive an income. Not only is this convenient for the team, but the swift transposition creates momentum and zeal for new recruits.


The income potential and upside to joining Longrich is massive! There are not many professions out there where one does not need a tertiary education if not a secondary school education to make a 6-figure income. Will the income happen overnight? No! But if one set realistic expectations and goals and be consistent, coupled with the great work ethic and skills. Then one can build an empire out of this business. One can make a full-time income with a part-time effort!


  • Only three direct referrals
  • No compulsory monthly purchases
  • Weekly bonus payments
  • Grow at own pace
  • Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
  • Gain leadership skills
  • All expenses paid international trips annually for deserving distributors who met certain requirements
  • Car promo
  • House fund is awarded to Star Directors. This money is accrued from one’s house fund incentive points


  • Performance bonus: entry status, silver (8%), gold (10%) or Platinum/VIP (12%) determines earnings. PB is paid weekly on all generations till infinity
  • Development bonus: (10%) paid on 2 of the highest PV (purchase value) per level.
  • Leadership bonus: (10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12th generation according to the level of ranking.
  • Retail order bonus: (25%- 50%) paid on retail/repeat orders!


Incentives are points that accumulate in one’s e-commerce wallet. These points are equivalent to cash and members can withdraw them anytime when required.

  • Platinum VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich global sales profit every cycle, can be converted to travel/car/house. This is the profit made in 188 countries where Longrich operates.
  • Worldwide incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company global sales
  • Star Directors worldwide Incentive: (earn 1% of the company’s global shares)
  • Executive MBA Programme in the USA
  • First Degree Scholarship Programme in Suzhou China. Longrich sponsors a 4-year degree program to study any course of choice in the prestigious Sochoow University in China. Directors are given slots to recommend any person of their choice.

Longrich Product Benefits


Longrich believes in giving back to its members to enhance personal development. Great earning potential, all that is required is drive, persistence and action. I am convinced that building a Logrich team is one of the smartest things one can do in today’s economic situation. What I like the most is that one does not need to be constantly available for business to go on and the people one chooses to partner with do not require constant presence. As they are trained and educated to run the business. It only takes one time of great mentoring and then releases them to perform their best.

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