Time management for network marketers

What you need to know before joining network marketing

When choosing to get involved in network marketing then be prepared to make sacrifices. One of these sacrifices will be to know where, when and what and who to focus and distribute your time to. Your time become not yours, it has to be used efficiently in balancing every aspect of one’s life.

Starting always seem the most difficult

Starting out in network marketing can seem like an easy task. You may think what is so difficult about talking and connecting with people daily. Piece of cake! Are you sure? Put in the mix, a full-time demanding job, your spouse, your children, or simply all the obligations that requires a smooth-running of a home. The reality looks grim right? More so when you have all the responsibilities mentioned above. Like any other business network marketing needs planning also. Strategies must be put in place in finding a balance between earning an income, family life and that which you feel enthusiastic about (network marketing).

Time Management

If you are among many network marketers that are starting out and trying to find the balance; getting started can be overwhelming but possible. I am saying this because I am one such person currently going through this balancing. I am a wife, a mother, have a full-time job and an aspiring networking marketer. This is what I find works for me in managing my time. Have a schedule with clear priorities, in this way I can effectively plan my day’s activities, however, this does not mean everything is set in stone. Life happens, it merely serves as a guide of what needs to be done on a particular day.

Goal setting in network marketing

Like any other aspect of one’s life goal setting is important in network marketing. It makes us focus and brings about accountability. You need to know where you are heading before taking a journey, otherwise, you may never reach your destination. You can start by setting daily goals then weekly and slowly progressing to monthly and so forth. The focus here is to start and to accomplish each goal set. The triumph experienced at each goal achieved is priceless. The idea is to set realistic goals, be consistent and push yourself to reach your potential and not have the chance to make excuses. Goal setting is a road map that is key to network marketing.

Family & Network Marketing

This goes without saying, family comes first, by prioritizing the relationship I have with my family this shows and gives a sense of trust. That I will always be there for them no matter what. I have created a relationship of support, trust and availability with my husband and baby girl. By being fully there, engaging with them and spending quality time with them. Being it communication, or truly listening to my husband and his whining about me doing too much or playing with my daughter.

Family should not be made to feel unimportant because of a new venture in one’s life. These are the people to fall back on when all does not work as planned; they are there to catch you when you fall and cheer you up. I find that when it is all said and done. The benefits of bringing joy in one’s family and putting them first are immense. It makes it easy for my husband to help around the house, look after the baby while I am busy with work.

Fitness, health & Network Marketing

Personally, I have found that fitness and health have the basis to make a powerful mind shift. I believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body can make me and anyone else for that matter unstoppable. I find time to exercise daily, and I am very conscious about what I eat. Making healthy choices can bring about self-esteem and confidence and you start loving the way you feel, likewise, this brings positivity and it escalates in how you perform in other aspect of your life, “When you experience positive momentum, you’ll never want it to stop.” — Dan Sullivan.

Make the time for your network marketing business

Practically, to think you can earn a living in network marketing working when the baby is napping or available transitory time, you are setting up yourself for failure. You are responsible, In fact, that is where having a schedule and goal setting comes in place. Time is what you need to use effectively if you plan to be in network marketing and make a success of it. The time set for your network marketing business does not have to resemble the hours spent on a regular job, but you should have large chunks of time set whether it is 2 hours in the morning and four hours at night.

 “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Max Planck

Consequently, you will have to sacrifice activities such as watching television, sleeping in to accommodate your network marketing business. In the same breath, protecting your time from friends and other family members is crucial. Because they may not see the importance of what you are doing. You need to be able to set boundaries and be able to say ‘no’ when it is time for you to focus on your business. Emergencies are a different ball game altogether. Here I am talking about watching a game with a friend or going out for a chit-chat and coffee with the girls when it is time to attend to your networking business.

Building relationships

Surrounding myself with like-minded people I find it helps in creating a strong support system that strikes a balance when I feel overwhelmed and in self-doubt. I am still to meet a network marketer who is stingy about helping, guiding and giving out credit where and when it is due. Not to say that all network marketers possess the same qualities. I guess in this regard I was fortunate. Remember network marketing is about connecting with people and maintain these relationships. This business is by the people for the people. “You may be able to rock life by yourself, but you could rock life far more with the help of the right people.


To be proactive and taking initiative is key in time management when it comes to your network marketing business. Begin with a goal in mind so as to not lose track of your time and remember not to lose sight of the important people in your life all in the name of business. The best way to manage time is to not procrastinate. Make an effort and treat your network marketing venture as how you would treat any job.

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