ZZENIQ: The Crypto-coins Platform That Gives You Control of Your Financial Sovereignty

The world is changing, dear friend. Do you want to be in charge of your finances? The answer is simple: keep reading this article and become a part of the revolution that is Zeniq’s future. Computers and the Internet have altered our communication methods. Staying in touch on a daily basis has become much easier, and new acquaintances can be made with the click of a mouse. 

New opportunities have arisen, which is now a foregone conclusion for us. 

The Internet opens up new business opportunities and simplifies existing processes for everyone. Similarly, we are once again at the forefront of historical changes that will have a long-term impact on all of us.  The terms blockchain and tokenization are all over the place. Everyone is realizing that emerging technologies will revolutionize our global economy and have an impact on our daily lives.

Let’s dive in…

What is Zeniq

Zeniq is a real system coin production company, and Safir International is an IT and digital finance and investment firm. The ZENIQ Hub is the digital asset management system of the future. In Dubai, ZENIQ, a digital asset and blockchain technology platform, has launched a blockchain tokenization platform. 

To register on Zeniq check the website.


What Does Zeniq Do

The newly launched platform aims to ensure the safety of creating and transferring digital assets, provide alternative secure access to liquidity, and address the challenges imposed by blockchain technologies.

Did you know TOKENIZATION Market volume FORECAST: 

US$ 24 Trillion till 2027 worldwide! (Source: World Economic Forum)

Tokenization is for digital assets, so Zeniq is able to tokenize projects, real estate companies, and art. 

And I think the future will change. In the Wolf and Economy Forum, for example, they said that until 2027, this market will be worth 24 trillion U.S. dollars. 

This is a big game-changer. So the collaboration with OTS was very, very important to us because they understand the world of blockchain, and this is a huge advantage.

Zeniq Forecast

They want to be the key that unlocks the blockchain world. And this door is a portal for Sarif and Zeniq. And the portal serves as their cinecap. And the cinecap gives you the option of doing three different things.

In the first section, you have security and they have three-factor authentication, which provides the highest level of security for all of your digital assets. 

Second, it is a decentralized exchange that is not limited to a single blockchain. 

You can trade all different coins on all different decentralized blockchains, and you are the holder and owner of the private key.


How Zeniq was Founded

ZENIQ was founded by a unique team of blockchain, FinTech, sports, environmental, and legal experts who are on a mission to use blockchain technology to improve everyday life.

What is Zeniq’s Mission

The ZENIQ Platform connects traditional banking and cryptocurrency on a single platform where people like you can build and create a sustainable home-based business and income.

Zeniq is focusing on the 97% of the world that isn’t already in this. Zeniq is opening the doors now for all the people to say, okay, we want to be part of it that is you. And now the tool, the portal, to enter this world is here.

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Zeniq Key Facts:

  • Wallet Hardware 
  • 7-inch HD touch screen 
  • 2 GHz with 6 core processors 
  • 250+ GB memory
  • Investing portal for digital assets 
  • Direct access to the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange No KYC required (holder & owner)

SAFIR GLOBAL ( Zeniq) DMCC / Your Support Company

Planned Offices

Safir Global Headquarters: 

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Fortune Tower Office 2703 Dubai

And also found in the following locations:

India, Russia, Europe, South, and North America. SAFIR has exclusive distribution rights for ZENIQ products and software developments in the field of recommendation marketing.

All available services and products are available in your free Safir online back office at www.safir.com.


Zeniq Milestones Overview

  1. Project Started 2018
  2. Q3 2020 Launched the Website
  3. Q1-Q2 2020 Development of the App and the ZENIQ Coin
  4. ZENIQ HUB delivery started in March 2021
  5. Listing of the ZENIQ Coins Q1 2021 (ZENIQ goes public)

Remember profits will be sustained as a result of the future trillion-dollar market tokenization of profits. Through the most cutting-edge technology, you can amass wealth with daily coin growth from the comfort of your own home. 

A GENUINE business model upon which to build a GENUINE business. With the emerging decentralized ZENIQ Exchange, you can get the best exchange rates and the cheapest transactions. 

The highest level of sovereignty and security is provided by a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that includes its own blockchain, decentralized exchange, and other features. Payment services using crypto coins are seamless. 

Your Obvious Advantages with ZENIQ


  • Gaining access to the crypto world

It has never been easier to profit from the crypto world without prior knowledge.

  • Maximum asset security

You have the highest level of security for your digital assets thanks to our specialized technology.

  • The Zeniq Exchange

Our new independent and decentralized exchange is ideal for those looking for the best exchange rates and cheapest transfers.

  • Zeniq’s App

A decentralized wallet that will allow for real-time transactions between the cryptocurrency and fiat worlds. Pay for your purchases quickly and easily with your smartphone.



The next generation of cryptocurrency and fiat payment systems is here you for to experience. For Finance and Investments, a Seamless FIAT & Crypto Ecosystem.

ZENIQ – The Crypto-coins Platform That Gives You Control of Your Financial Sovereignty is a platform that allows you to store, transfer and spend your money in a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens.


Are you ready to take control of your financial freedom?


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